Faith is a wonderful and inspiring speaker A wonderful storyteller, and draws from her her many and varied life stories in her presentations one quickly feels that this is a person I would like to know more able to share deep thoughts, and yet humorous and engaging

Thorough, prepared, flexible, creative, engaging … these are some of the words that describe Faith as a facilitator. She researches her topic, knows her audience, listens to expectations, shares ideas and collaborates as necessary to execute.  Participants leave satisfied, informed and invited to live fully the story that is their lives.

Faith draws on a vast amount of knowledge from her reading and experience, which enriches her work.

Faith’s openness, teaching, gentle guidance, and compassionate experience were a precious gift.

After retiring from an active ordained ministry of over 43 years, I was struggling to find my purpose in life. I attended a retreat on “Meanings and Callings: The Threads of Our Stories” led by Faith Nostbakken. Through her gentle guidance, deep insights, and personal stories, I discovered that I was “still on God’s call…