I really value her spiritual direction; her ability to listen, to relate, and distill out key points, while drawing on her vast knowledge and experience to bring new meaning, new light, and a direction forward.

My introduction to Faith was in being led through the Spiritual Exercises, and it was such a profound experience that I’m still seeing her as a spiritual director years later.  At the end of each session, I am left with the feeling that the Holy Spirit has spoken through her, into whatever my present need…

Faith’s gentle companionship as a spiritual director has helped me, in the midst of multiple health crises that felt like raging storms, hear the still small comforting voice of God.

I’ve had the privilege of meeting with Faith for spiritual direction over the past year. Faith provides a warm and welcoming space to quiet one’s heart and to hear from the Holy Spirit by providing a non-judgemental listening ear, asking insightful questions, and offering encouragement.

Faith is supportive, professional, non-judgmental and knowledgeable about a wide range of spiritual practices. She helps me see old things in new ways. Over the past 3 years of spiritual direction, her attentive listening and insights have helped me grow spiritually.