The pure purpose of color
spans out like a kaleidoscope 
rotating in prismed phrases
that only an ocular linguist
could decode,
stained glass spilling
into a slow-motion film
with a spattered plot
of golds and greens
and hues of red and blue,
sunset turned to lush meadows
spangled into stardust 
scattered into sky again.
Dream sequences
intoxicate the eye
as questions dissolve 
in mesmerizing spectrums 
that unwind 
outside of time. 
Look, I tell you,
look.  All you need 
is wonder, ceasing language
long enough to drink in 
infinite geometric permutations 
heartbeat dropping
steady into trance-like cadences 
inscape rolling gently 
like the breath of a quiet infant
wide-eyed in your arms.

Faith Nostbakken ©27/07/2017

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